Podcast Ep 19: Ultimate Athlete Mt Maunganui 2022 Special

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We celebrate one year of podcasting!

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In this special episode we celebrate one year of podcasting!

Join us – with not 1 but 8 guests! – as we talk about Ultimate Athlete at Mt Maunganui 2022.

We talk with:

  • Event Organisers Gavin and Joss
  • Julian Oakley – 1st elite male
  • Michael Voss – 2nd elite male
  • Ben Hennessy – 3rd elite male
  • Deb Fuller – 1st elite female
  • Maria Bentley – 2nd elite female

You’ll also hear the third and final interview with James Bell-Booth, the co-founder and CEO of Earshots. Thanks to Earshots for sponsoring the podcast. For 10% off you can use code ‘NZOCR’ at Earshots.

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This podcast is made possible by the support of Earshots.


Intro music is 58th St. Fingers by Gap Dream. Outro music is Basic Rock by Scott Holmes Music.

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