Spartan Offers Refunds for Auckland

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Spartan Auckland Refunds available

Spartan Australia and New Zealand is now offering refunds for its Auckland event only.

Spartan has become notorious for not offering refunds to any of its affected ticket holders – not even after years of postponements (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 times), a withdrawn race, a venue change, a date change forward one week, and most recently a last minute postponement in the busy December/Christmas period (bring it up to 6 postponements).

After years of complaints from affected ticket holders asking for refunds, Spartan finally responded with the following statement:

Full refunds can now be requested!

Spartan having reversed its no refund policy is a massive win for consumer rights! As many ticket holders paid for an event years ago that has yet to be delivered as described.

It’s also a massive win for OCR participants, as any ticket holders can now receive an outcome they want:

  • affected ticket holders can now request refunds
  • non-affected ticket holders can still participate in Spartan Auckland!

But Read That Fine Print

If you’re one of the affected ticket holders who’s asking for a refund, you might first want to pay attention to the fine print. Below is the refund request form,

Key points from the refund request form:

  • Refunds are minus admin, service, and insurance fees.
  • Spartan has stated they have the right to reject refunds.
  • Spartan is also requiring people to provide a reason why they require a refund and why they can’t accept a transfer or credit.

Reading the fine print, it may turn out that in order to have a refund actually approved, submitters must provide a reason not only for a refund BUT ALSO a reason they can’t accept a transfer or credit for 2023.

The refund form, as well as Spartan’s previous FAQ to the postponement offering ticket holders a free transfer or credit, failed to mention that there is most likely not going to be another Spartan in NZ in 2023. While Spartan hasn’t reported this, we’ve heard this from multiple sources. If this is the case, the only option to use a transfer or a credit will be if NZ ticket holders are prepared to travel to Australia.

So if you would like a refund and not credit for an international race, we recommend you provide both a reason you require a refund and a reason you can’t attend any of the 2023 Australian Spartan events.

The Most Recent Event Date

Spartan Auckland is set to take place 9-11th December 2022.

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