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Obstacle Racers New Zealand

What is Obstacle Racers NZ?

Obstacle Racers NZ (ORNZ)  is your premier resource for all things obstacle course racing and mud running in New Zealand!

What will I find on Obstacle Racers NZ?

  • Event listings
  • News
  • Resources

All regarding obstacle sports, such as:

  • Obstacle course racing
  • Mud running
  • Ninja Warrior
  • And occasionally: parkour and freerunning, adventure racing, trail running, and more

What is obstacle course racing?

Obstacle course racing (OCR) combines off-road running with obstacles.

It’s a new-comer to the running industry, but its growth has been remarkable. In 2015, 4.9 million people participated in obstacle races worldwide, pushing it beyond the popularity of half-marathons and marathons combined and leading USAOCR to label it the “number one mass-participation sport in the world.”

What’s the state of OCR in New Zealand?

​New Zealand has events across the country, from Northland to Southland. These events are organised by a range of organisers: event management companies, regional sport trusts, charities, schools, venue managers and various other organisations.

Participation numbers in New Zealand from obstacle racing as a unified activity have not yet been collected. But events regularly draw upwards of 400 runners, with the largest events in the country drawing around 6,000 runners.

The majority of events in New Zealand could be considered local mud runs (being held annually in one location), with a few races expanding into series holding multiple events throughout the country. International-scale series have ventured to the New Zealand market: Spartan, Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash have held New Zealand races.

In 2017 New Zealand gained its first OCR World Championships qualifying event, and runners have represented New Zealand in the OCR World Championships from 2015 onward.

The National Sporting Organisation is the New Zealand Obstacle Sports Association, founded in 2021, to govern OCR and other obstacle sports.

Obstacle course racing is becoming a mainstay in active participation events, and ORNZ is committed to being your premier resource for all things OCR and mud running in New Zealand!

Where can I learn more about OCR?

Check out the following resources:

Obstacle Racers NZ group

Where do I go from here?

Here’re some next steps to get immersed in the crazy world of OCR:

  1. Check out the latest news and articles – and dive into the categories such as ‘interviews’, ‘national news’ and more
  2. Browse through NZ’s most comprehensive list of upcoming obstacle events, and register for a race!
  3. Stay in the loop by following ORNZ on social media, joining the newsletter, or subscribing to updates via Bloglovin’.
  4. Feel free to get in touch or contribute. We’d love to hear from you!

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We are not involved with the organisation of any of the races listed in the event calendar on our website, except where otherwise explicitly stated. For all enquiries about races listed in the event calendar, please contact the event organisers directly.