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Obstacle Racers New Zealand

What is Obstacle Racers NZ?

Obstacle Racers NZ (ORNZ) is New Zealand’s obstacle course racing podcast, event calendar, and news source!

What will I find on Obstacle Racers NZ?

  • Podcast
  • Event listings
  • News
  • Resources

All regarding obstacle sports, such as:

  • Obstacle course racing
  • Mud running
  • Ninja
  • And occasionally: parkour and freerunning, adventure racing, trail running, and more

What is obstacle course racing?

Obstacle course racing (OCR) combines running with obstacles.

It’s a mass-participation, running-based sport in which competitors compete as individuals or teams to run a course and overcome obstacles. Courses vary in distance, with 5km or 10km distances being common but there are also ultra distances (over 50km) and sprint distances (100m). The running type and obstacles used also vary between courses, with there often being a combination of trail running, road running, and cross country running. Common obstacles used include crawls, walls, heavy object carries, monkey bar variations, and natural features such as mud pits or water crossings.

What’s the state of OCR in New Zealand?

​New Zealand has events across the country, from Northland to Southland. These events are organised by a range of organisers: event management companies, regional sport trusts, charities, schools, venue managers and various other organisations.

The majority of events in New Zealand could be considered local mud runs (being held annually in one location), with a few races expanding into series holding multiple events throughout the country. International-scale series have ventured to the New Zealand market: Spartan, Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash have held New Zealand races.

In 2017 New Zealand gained its first OCR World Championships qualifying event, and runners have represented New Zealand in the OCR World Championships from 2015 onward. In 2021 the New Zealand Obstacle Sports Association was founded as the national governing body to develop OCR and other obstacle sports in New Zealand.

OCR has become a mainstay in active mass-participation events, and ORNZ is committed to being your premier resource for all things OCR and mud running in New Zealand!

Where can I learn more about OCR?

Check out the following resources: