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Tough Guy and Gal

Save $15 off Tough Guy and Gal Entry

Save $15 off your Tough Guy and Gal entry New Zealand’s original mud run series, the Loaded Tough Guy and Gal Challenge celebrates its 15th Anniversary this year. Registrations for the 2017 events open 1st February, and Event Promotions has announced that the first 500

The Madness

The Madness: Race Review

Dugald Peters, Event Manager at Mule Event Management, talked about putting on public obstacle races as I met him in a parking lot just outside of the airport somewhere. I left with a business card with “Creating your next challenge” on the back. Mule Event

Wairua Warrior

Introduction to Obstacle Racing in New Zealand

This article has been adapted from the original published in Kiwi Trail Runner magazine Oct/Nov 2015 under the title ‘Scaling The Wall’. Imagine this You are running up a backcountry hill in the middle of nowhere. You hurtle around a corner and come face-to-face with a

Pits & Bits

The Solution to Getting Clean After a Mud Run

After the Wellington Loaded Tough Guy and Gal Challenge in 2015 Corinne, one of the founders of Obstacle Racers NZ, handed me a small bottle and a bag, instructing us to skip the lines for the showers today. The bottle was Pits & Bits: Towel