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Style Guide

The following are guidelines for the writing style to be used on ORNZ.

Last updated 15/8/17

  • Be positive. OCR is awesome, and so are ORNZ readers. Inspire people into OCR, rather than push them away from it.
  • Inform. ORNZ is New Zealand’s premiere resource for all things OCR and mud running.
  • If in doubt, use conversational language over formal language. ORNZ content is accessible and easily digestible.
  • For spelling, use UK English (not US English).¬†ORNZ’s audience primarily lives in New Zealand.
  • Feel free to use exclamation points. ORNZ content sometimes gets too excited when it comes to OCR!
  • Feel free to be humorous. ORNZ content occasionally¬†has a sense of humour.
  • On using race names: Refer to race titles without sponsors included, eg ‘Tough Guy and Gal’ or ‘Spartan Race’, rather than ‘Loaded Tough Guy and Gal’ or ‘Reebok Spartan Race’. Please however use the full title of a race with the sponsor included in every post, at least once – this can be used in the first instance of naming a race. Sponsors may be paying a premium to have naming rights, and ORNZ respects the business behind OCR. But for ease of referring to races and for a more conversational tone, remove sponsors from titles in most usages.